The following customer quotes are excerpts from Tkacz Engineering’s official Contractor Performance Assessment Reports (CPARS)

About our Products

“The ACWARS product created by Tkacz is of the highest quality. The capabilities provided allow for ACOD to quickly and more efficiently get work done.”  – USFOR-A Contracting Officer

“This unique product that has been customized & provided to ACOD has streamlined our Arming Authorization Request, increased productivity which has help the mission become more efficient.” – USFOR-A Contract Office Representative

About our Services

“Tkacz Engineering has surpassed expectations of the original contract for Database Design and Information Management Services. For the year they have performed work here in theater, they have not only performed their regular duties but they have also brought to our attention a number of issues with our business processes and have helped transform these processes to make the system of arming authorization more complete and efficient.” – USFOR-A Contracting Officer

“Tkacz has become one of my go-to partners within my projects.  They can be trusted to bring quality personnel and resources to the table ensuring that they always complete their projects in a timely manner and within cost.” – CACI Director (not from CPARS)

About our Management

“Ed Tkacz manages his employees in a professional manner.  They are always in the office on time and they accomplish tasks in a timely manner.” – USFOR-A Contracting Officer

“Key personnel are well managed. The employees are professional and they continue to represent their company and the Federal Government in the highest ethical, legal and moral manner.”– USFOR-A Contract Office Representative

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